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Some people are on or off-line, Jelle's life is all about being on track. Since his first time on the BMX track as a 4 years old, his focus was to be the best of the best in the BMX world. To become a champion. Jelle knows like no other that this comes with ups and downs. His last down moved him from the track forever. However, his hunger for the future was his thrive to grow in any situation! That is what makes him so unique.  Be responsible for your own doings. Focus forward, never blame, be grateful and overload it with humor that makes him a real Champion. 


"I can't" is a phrase that is not in Jelle's vocabulary. "How can I?" is the question that brings him further. And that is where he always wanted to go: further, higher, faster. It comes with no surprise that this rapid pace and the unbroken will to win also entails setbacks - time and time again. When you break not only one, but two collarbones at the same time. When the doctor tells you that you will never get your speech back properly. In all these moments Jelle never thought for a second "I can't". He always asked himself "How can I improve this?". 

How he manages to bring his body and his mind under total control again and again, you can read in his book or hire Jelle as a Motivational Speaker. 


Motivational Speaker

in Dutch and English

Biography "Accepteren en Doorgan" by Ad van Ham, 2021

Born 5th January 1991 in Doetichem, the Netherlands 

BMX Pro-Athlete

Career Number 37, nickname "El Matador"


Elite Men Titles

2016: 2nd place Olympic Games

2015: 2nd World Championship

2014: Dutch National Champion

2013: Winner SX Papendal

2011: Dutch National Champion
2011: Dutch Champion Elite Men
2011: 2nd place World Championship TimeTrail


Junior Men Titles

2009: European Champion

2008: 3rd place World Championship



European Titles 


World Champion Podiums


National Titles


Olympic Silver Medals


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