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Nu in het "HELDEN" Magazine - Niek Kimmann (25) en Jelle van Gorkom (30) hadden een gedeelde droom: olympisch BMX- goud in Tokio. De een slaagde daarin, en werd een paar weken later ook nog wereldkampioen. Aan de droom van de ander kwam in januari 2018 een wreed einde.


Let yourself be inspired 

One second is all it takes to change your life. When the doctor tells you that you'll never be able to speak again, walk again, that's all the more motivation for Jelle to get back on his feet and let the word hear his voice. His vision is to listen to others and then do your own thing. Believe in you! Experience Jelle and his willpower live on stage. We promise, you will never forget this speech any more. Jelle is passionate about sharing his motivation with people across the world. 

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The life of Jelle in pictures. From a BMX-riding 4-years-old to today's strong-willed life artist.

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