Na drie jaar samenwerking met Ad van Ham, is mijn boek uit met de titel "Accepteren en Doorgaan". Dit is en was altijd mijn motto. Van klein was ik bevangen door het BMX virus en wilde ik het hoogste halen. Door een ketting kan ik het hoogste in de BMX nooit meer halen, maar ik kijk vooruit. Want wat als de dingen in het leven voor je gebeuren, niet met je? In mijn boek deel ik mijn verhaal met je en neem ik je mee naar mijn diepste dalen en mijn hoogste successen. 


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About Jelle

As a successful BMX Pro-Athlete, Jelle is used to the taste of victory but also the taste of dirt. Then a terrible misfortune ended his sports career and put him 2 weeks in an artificial coma. His doctors did not give him much hope for his future. But once again, he fought as he has done it his whole life as a gladiator, as a matador. Today he stands on the big stages to share his hunger for life challenging the medical world every day. 


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The Jelle Foundation supports Jelle himself and projects close to his heart. A heartfelt thank you for your donation.


Let yourself be inspired 

One second is all it takes to change your life. When the doctor tells you that you'll never be able to speak again, walk again, that's all the more motivation for Jelle to get back on his feet and let the word hear his voice. His vision is to listen to others and then do your own thing. Believe in you! Experience Jelle and his willpower live on stage. We promise, you will never forget this speech any more. Jelle is passionate about sharing his motivation with people across the world. 

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The Gallery

The life of Jelle in pictures. From a BMX-riding 4-years-old to today's strong-willed life artist.

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